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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i'm sick of my life. how? :(

been having insomnia lately don't know for what reason also. sigh ~ just got an iphone 4 not long and haven't even jailbreak, i drink drank drink drama and dropped the whole phone and then home button spoil. went to repair as i don't wanna 1 for 1 exchange as i must sync again and also not sure whether it will be a brand new phone or not or someone else's previously so went to spend money on it instead and spent $90. fml. stomach discomfort these few days don't make me feel good too. still have to work tonight some more. dammit. anyway, something to be happy about is that gf wifey's 21st birthday party is coming! ;) definitely gonna have a blast abd have tonnes of fun. :D and lots more gossips coming up. lol. can't wait. so sexcited ~ ;) okay, blog up till then. school's reopening soon. sian~ :(

Monday, September 26, 2011

aloha! ;)

been awhile since i blog. i'm perfectly fine for people who may be concerned. and i'm so damn busy with work. everyday drink drank drunk drama till i'm so damn sick and tired of life. why must we be born in this world and why must we work i wonder. i think i'm still okay compared to others. might have ups and downs definitely. anyway, trying to move on with my life now ever since that incident but even if i've moved on, still a part of me dearest swh. will find a day to go visit you i promise.