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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i'm back to school peeps ! :) one word, sad. not sad because school has reopen and i no time to play but sad cause of all the memories i've there. people who've been in the same course and class as me , i think they should understand nah.

every single place i walk through, i will think of him and i miss him. :( i know i know, move on. today i learnt 3 things in lecture. :) whenever i'm sad or down, i'll tell myself, i'm okay, i'm alright and i won't give up. think positively and feel positively and i'll behave positively and that is mental wellness. hahahahahahaha. i can do it !

yessss, jiayou. will update pics soon i'll try k. first of all, i need to pack my cupboard. :x unwated clothes maybe can hold a flea market and sell cheap cheap. if not jiu give others if not jiu give garang guni. worst to worst, throw away. lol.

after settling everything, and having my own free time, i will post many pretty pictures ! :D got a new digital cam. take photos super chio. no need much edit already super pretty already the photos so will upload even faster cause this time without editing! lol. okay, off to bathe and prepare for work le. gambateh ~ byebye.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Saying hello from Taiwan. :D

hello people, sending you my regards from taiwan now. using the hotel computer. haha. enjoying my life now though i'm sick. :( hahahahahahaha. shopping, eating, smoking and sleep ! no need to think too much for the time being now. that's one thing shiok and another things is no need work for this week and no school ! most shiok but coughing and block nose is killing me. :( that's one sad thing. gonna buy lots of maggie mee back to singapore i swear. hahahahahahaha. don't care nice or not. you all just gotta eat that ! lol. okay, gotta go now. bye and ciao ~ :D