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Thursday, November 14, 2013

BKK trip with the Girls 2nd - 6th August 2013

Because everybody is having BKK fever right now therefore i feel the need to post about this and action a bit that my gfs and i have also been through this BKK fever. hahahahahaha.

Well, this trip we went on August 2013. okay lah huh, only 3 months passed then i updated about it. considered very early liao loh. because i normally take 6 months - a year then update or upload onto my Facebook. Well, i've already uploaded it to my Facebook long ago. but i feels that maybe should type some long wordy words to entertain those who are feeling bored at work etc just like me now so i'm updating my blog now. hahaha.

alright, first thing first. this is the first damn trip that we plan to have ALL GIRLS only. like just the 4 of us. cause the previous time we went was with 2 of the boyfriends. and our target is to JUST SHOP TILL WE DROP so we didn't want to bore the guys further so we decided to be very "man" to carry our own stuffs after shopping and LET'S GOOOO ~

Not much of pictures taken. did bring my digital cam along but it was very "ley chey" troublesome in another words. my digital cam is just too bulky already and we're busy shopping most of the time and so it kinda defeats the purpose too. so decided not to bring my digital camera the rest of my BKK days and use my very powerful Nokia Lumia camera smart phone bought from my bf to me. :D

Here's a pic on the plane. because Belle & Yifeng took one too wearing sunglasses some more. So Grace said that we should take one too. And she's amazed by how well my camera phone can take the pictures until. Amazing.... really. but well, you can't do much with that phone. no games, no shows. :( so it gets kinda boring after awhile. BUT REALLY, THE CAMERA... wooooots ~

So, we head to the restaurant after we touched down at BKK as we were FAMISHED and couldn't wait any further to get our foods into our stomach. hahahahaha. therefore, definitely must take some candid shot of the famous thai iced tea which is known as CHA YEN and the very epic coca cola bottle in glass. 

And of course after our meal, need to get our satisfaction of nicotine.....
cigarettes damn cheap at Duty Free lah. can simply just smoke half stick and throw. Well, i guess everybody does that when travelling right. you also can't bring back even if you can't finish smoking at the end of the day.

And all the above was taken at one of the TOILET in the shopping mall which i cannot remember where too. hahahahaha. don't ask why we girls like to take photos in the toilet. i don't know too ! IT JUST HAPPEN ! lol.

Well, the photos are not really in sequence as you know, already passed 3 months. i only can try to remember what really happens from the picture.

And yes, i've grown fatter therefore you can see the very fat and ugly me in all these pics. but... i don't care lah. too lazy to edit anyway. and bluffing people is not right. we should be honest. LOL. whatever it is, i am actually working kinda hard to get my ass off to jogging sometimes with my bf. really is once a while. like really really once a while. but swimming more frequently with Belle & colleagues.

Okay, i'm getting a little off track by updating my current life a little. so i need to come back on track to update my BKK trip instead. 

well, it has been this kind of pouring weather almost everyday. it kinda spoils our shopping mood, but we still brave the rain and carry our stuffs back to hotel, rest awhile and waited for the rain to be smaller and brave through the flood and just walk on it no matter what. (Y) 

Saw this damn interesting logo on the cab. if you know what i mean, why would people do that sign ON A CAB !? Good gracious. but you never know... some people, can be just shameless to do anything and everything they want. anywhere, and everywhere. lol

and of course, this is a must have A&W meal over there. As people who knows that Singapore already don't exist this restaurant so wherever we go to country that has this, IT IS A MUST to go there and have a meal and to take a picture of it on instagram, facebook or blog. IT IS A MUST i must repeat it. LOL.

We tried looking for the famous wanton noodle at pratunaam soi 19 but as usual, noob girls, we couldn't really figure out where it was and so, we did not get the chance to try it. :( well, shall plan one more time to go there and get it. :D

And Belle said that she realise she haven't take much pictures with me for this trip and this was taken at where, i also cannot remember. just a very random pic of the both of us. 

I brought my curler there to set my hair of course ! and after setting it of course must take some nice selfie of it.

this was taken on the lift after everything was set and ready to go and shop for more. and ya, i was holding a poncho if you can see clearly. desperate already. hahahahaha. and i tied up my nice set hair because outside weather was really too hot already. :(

And ya, i just want to say. i find this pic very weird. like our eyes, all suddenly became very small. like all of us. and it's just very funny overall for this pic. but i really cannot describe and don't know where's the problem. lol

This smoking area me and Grace found cause after our lunch at this shopping mall, we need to smoke but was too lazy to get to the ground floor to smoke and then back to the same level again to meet belle & yifeng as they head to the temple for praying while Grace and me went to get hair dye and shop first. :D

And ya. i hope Singapore could also be innovative enough to create a smoking area for the smokers ! really so difficult to find a spot to smoke lah. sigh.

we've been telling ourself not to waste money on tuk tuk as the tuk tuk there was quite expensive and we want to just shop shop shop and nothing else. but well, we were rushing for time on the last day and didn't want to waste more time on negotiating the cab pricing so we just hop onto any of the tuk tuk and off we go to the next destination. and here we are . hahahaha. photos of us on the tuk tuk.

And you can see very well, it's not very well taken. cause firstly, i'm not very professional, secondly, it is kind of shaky. thirdly, due to space constraint and then lastly, THE WIND ! hahahahaha.

Bought hair dye and tadah ~ My hairstylist is Grace as you can see above and i got my purple hair done by her ! OMBRE OKAY. this is the new trend. But well, the colour did not last and worn off a day or twice. okay lah, maybe a week. lol

But not to worry ! because i still have some stocks at home and will be leaving them for chinese new year definitely. Oh ya ! need to book appointment with my hairstylist liao. hahaha.

And while we were getting my hair done, Belle and Yifeng says they are tired and intend to get a nap first. Once we're done, wake them up and off we go to a night market on our last night. but as usual lah, they doze off and is too tired to go to the night market. :( so no choice. never go in the end. and grace and i went to sleep too. 

Selfie on the big big cab we took from the hotel to the airport. :D

One shot of all of us in the cab. 

and here we are at the airport ! FINALLY we are waiting for the plane instead of running like dogs and rushing and panting. because last year, it actually happen that the plane need to wait for us instead of us waiting for the plane. but we got improvements ! See, we learnt our lesson and we waited for it this year ! :D

See ~ don't say we never learn from our mistake ah. hahahaha. and you can see from our shag face that we really are very very tired but yet it was enjoying and fun ! :D

Well, that marks the end of our BKK trip. Was intending to plan a trip again next year. not sure with bf or not and not sure where the place is gonna be. BUT FIRSTLY, I DEFINITELY NEED TO CHANGE MY JOB FIRST. hahahaha. alright, back to work already. bye bye ~ :D