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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back To The Good Old Days

Alright, why is my title back to the good old days? Well, that's because i've deactivated my facebook once again. 

Well, why do i deactivated it? There's many reasons to it. Firstly, it is always the main problem to quarrel in a relationship. I mean yes, i am the one who cause and started the problem but without facebook, maybe this problem wouldn't even have existed, right? I mean, i won't even go and think to do that stupid stuff that would make me and my bf to quarrel. 

Alright, secondly, i really feel i rant too much on facebook. Practically, all negative stuffs and too much negative stuffs. So, everytime someone does something that makes me upset / pisses me off, my hands and fingers are just very itchy to open the facebook app and then i need to say some negative things. So people around me will be like. "Ohhhhh, again. What's new?" Ahhhh, i'm also sick of that actually but not sure what is wrong with me and i just can't help with it. 

And last but not least, we used to lead our life without facebook. And it was perfectly fine. So why must we tie ourself down to facebook? Well, i still have instagram to kill my time when i'm bored. Or i can just blog a few nonsense post here and there. Or maybe i also can play some online games on my phone. There's so many games from this app line recently. Just to name a few, we have "let's get rich", "cookie run". Just that i couldn't play games that link to facebook anymore. But that's alright. I'm totally fine with that now. And and and, why do i choose to blog back? That's because here is the place i can upload and save all my pictures even if i don't blog one day. I can still find my blogpost link and find back photos and read back and reminisce. So many good point ls about blogging! Now that i deactivated my facebook and closed down another old account of mine, i could not find all those photos i used to upload on facebook. That's sad u know. 

Okay, so now back to updating on my life. :D well, as usual, pictures says it all. So i shall stop my wordy wordy post and let my pictures says it all. 

Bf suggested to ask my friend, Esther out for dinner one day. And since her birthday is also around the corner, i ask her out on the weekend after her birthday just to pass her a little present and to catchup. Hope she likes it. 

Alright, so the fickle minded me actually thought to get our own dinner first without her because we decided to patronise a waffle ice cream cafe at toa payoh and is not too sure what is nice around there for our main course dinner. And so, i told her we should get our own dinner and just meet for the waffle ice cream. 

And then out of a sudden, i have this strong craving for this western stall at toa payoh also, called uno beef house. I'm sure people who stays at toa payoh knows where it is. The western food there is superb !! :D however, Esther has already plan to go out and have dinner with her family and so me and bf decided to have our dinner there and then to travel to the waffle ice cream shop. 

Chicken cutlet. And that of course is my main course. Because i don't take beef / lamb and i love to eat unhealthy stuffs. Heehee ~ 

And that's bf's main course. Beef beef. 

And then Esther came when we're about done with dinner. And luckily she drove. Heh heh. Saved on our transportation fee. Lalalala ~ 

So, we headed to creamier at toa payoh but the store was so small and filled with people. 

Therefore, we went to our second choice, Shrove Tuesday. 

It was pack with people too at first. Maybe because of the timing too. 
So i asked for a table of 3 and the staff is nice to assist me to ask another customer to change to a smaller table. 

We got to seat in a corner which i kinda like the ambience. There's a guitar and some small weight lifting equipment as display. Nice ambience. 

The place is located at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Block 94 if i'm not wrong. You guys can go google "Shrove Tuesday" and should be able to find the exact location. Hahaha. 

Look at the table number !! Too cute i can't resist but to camwhore with it. I know my fake lashes are dropping. Whatever lah. Hahahaha. 

Look at those ice cream !! *slurp* the waffle cost about $5 and each scoop of ice cream is about $2.50 and if u ordered premium flavours, there's additional $0.80 to it. 

We ordered baileys / ferroro rocher chocolate (if i remember correctly. My memory is failing me) / postachio (if i spelt correctly. It's those nuts kind of stuffs) 

And let us welcome........... E S T H E R !!! :D

Alright, so that's about all for Esther's birthday. Hope u enjoy this small catch up and celebration babe. May u stay pretty and sweet always and always be in the pink of health. Hope u like the little present i got for u. 

And then.... Let us get to the mooncake festival. 

So, how did u guys spend ur mooncake festival? 

Mine was simple though. Headed over to bf's place and got some junk food as shown as below and watch blessings on xinmsn catchup tv together with MOONCAKES definitely. 

Nom nom nom. 

Well, this is the second mooncake festival we've spent together. Still remember last year was heading to ah bee's wedding at rendevzous hotel then headed to East Coast Park with Jammy, Grace and Kenneth to play candles, lantern and fire. Hahaha. It was weird lah because the beach wind so big ah then we still trying our best to put up fire with the candles and lantern but it was so fun with the right company u know. 

Bf had a taste of the hello kitty soap too! So cute and funny his expression!! PRICELESS. Well, those were the days. 

Alright, back to eat some more mooncakes already although i know mooncake festival is over. Bye for mow and see u again soon. :)))