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Saturday, July 20, 2013

How I spend my weekends...

Hello people ! I'm here once again. :D Just want to update about how i spent my weekends... :)

Alright so the same Monday - Friday boring things was to go to work and home etc etc same old thing lah ah. 

So, decided to meet up a few of my Ex-colleagues (From the current day job of mine now) They have already quit and moved on to a better place while some have quit to become a "shao nai nai" (those rich tai tai) at home look after their baby. hahaha. Well, will tell you more about them when i post up photos. :D

They are very nice, took care of me when they're still in the company and most of all, teach me alot of things. :D

Anyway, we still stayed in contact. And we will try to meet up sometimes still. Although you know, it's kinda difficult to always keep in touch with people around you as you will also be busy with your own stuffs. own family, own bgr, own friends too. Alright, so there was once we planned to go up to Sophia's place for a small gathering. 

Oh dear ! Her cooking was SUPERB ! You guys will love love love it ! I think she can open a restaurant and start her own business already ! HAHAHAHA.

Alright, let's allow the photos to speak wonder. :)

If you guys have tried the "ji bao" before ! Super damn nice ! Alright, i am not very sure what this dish is called in English but it should be quite famous all over ! Hahahaha. it's like some black sauce with chicken and you can treat it like a steamboat adding soups and some dishes ! *slurp* and now i'm hungry ! :(

From the first left, Jamie to Regina, Sophia's youngest boy and Faith ! :)

 And this is Sophia ! The very fierce mama with her youngest baby boy. Trying to coax him after we had finish disturbing him and he's crying non-stop. Hahahahaha. Alright, other than being the fierce mama, i guess she's also a superb mama who has incredibly nice cooking ! :D

 Jamie & i ~ FYI, this is the second shot because looked at the photo below to see what she was doing while taking photos.

 Take photo jiu take photo still watch what tv ~ LOL.

 Faith & i ~ The prettiest and hottest mama i've ever seen. And yes, she's pregnant now with her first baby inside her stomach ! Cannot believe right ! Still so skinny and pretty here ! Goodnessss. really is let people jealous only. Hmph.

 Regina & i ~ Well, i can say you really looked a lot better with this hairstyle. :) it really suits you ! :D heehee ~

 Sophia & i ~ This was also the second shot as the first one she had her hair tied up and she say looks very shag and ugly. And asked me not to post on facebook ! Hahahaha. but okay lah ah, this one looks quite okay too. Eh hello ! We talking about Nokia's camera phone leh ! *show off* HAHAHAHAHA.

 Demi & i ~ The one who's still working with me on our company now currently. Hahaha. She joined in later abit because of work. :( We got lots of OT and cannot really get off on time often. :( No OT pay some more. T.T but no choice, we're responsible adults ! Hahahahaha.

 Baby & i ~ Alright, the main focus is not about the big big arm i've grown bigger over the months. But the cute baby over there okay ! He's so cute ! :D And we kept saying his pj made him looked like the Craftholic bear. Gahahahahaha !

 Him with his cap cap. Soooo cute can ! So got a thing with babies nowadays don't know why. So many people giving birth probably. Hahahaha. But well, it's always fun to play with but not so fun to look after it. :x

 And that's how we end the gathering with some cakes bought by Regina. :D It was YUMMY too ~ But ate too full previously with the one Sophia cooked. Kekekeke.

And then after that went to Kovan's Hong Kong cafe to meet Faith's gf together with her. We used to go to the Hougang Stadium for some run together. But ever since Faith knew her pregnancy, we stopped already. :)

So chatted for awhile till bf called me saying that his training is finished and is on the way home already. so i left.

Had so much fun catching up. I talked non-stop obviously. That's what i always do ! Hahahaha. I am little Miss Chatterbox. :p

And today.... Woke up early, called warehouse to make sure job is done. And to get container number and to get one my colleague's permit done. Well well, see ~ we still have to work on Saturday while they stated it's a 5 days job. With peanut butter pay some more. :( Cannot blame, i'm too responsible, not able to leave some job undone. T.T WHY LIKE THAT !?

Alright, then met with some problem with the permit which i shall not elaborate here because it's just some irrelevant nonsense and i don't want to be like blabbering away. LOL.

So, went to buy some brunch for bf and i. then bf prepares to go out for his Hilltop meeting and training. And me? I WENT BACK TO SLEEP ! Hahahahaha. i know lah, i'm a pig. Oink Oink.

Oh ya, btw. my bf is so into this Muay Thai training now. He's at Hilltop with this famous shifu training now. Okay lah, i quite like this shifu because he helps me to revenge by kicking my bf ! Hahahahaha. but sometimes also will heartpain want also lah. Anyway, people who's interested in joining can leave a comment too. :)

So after sleeping, woke up and get done with my permit, finally done and so i am here blogging while i have some free time and nothing much better to do. kekeke. waiting for my bf to packet some food for me for my dinner now.

Alright, so blog updated now and off i go to do my own stuffs already. Hope you guys enjoy ! ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Longest break ever take from blog.

Hello everybody !

I know right. i've been missing for about a year plus from my blog. time to clear those cobwebs now again since i have some free time at work.

Well, it's gonna be a long winded post with many many many words and no pictures is gonna be up as I am using company's computer to blog instead. :) heehee ~

Alright, here goes the story. People should be know that i've gotten myself a bf now and we've been together for like going to one year already. Well, people need to move on and move on does not mean forgetting too, right? Anyhoo, he's great. Been changing to better man. Well, people do have flaws and i guess we should not just be looking at people's flaws and not looking at the good things.

We have had ups and downs. Happy, sad times too. Most of all, he accepts my past and is willing to accept who I am too. Though he always complain about my bad temper and attitude. (Talking bout that, how come it is always the guys who keeps saying it is their gf that has attitude. And why not the guy himelf?) Alright, nothing much to say about that. Probably girls have mood swings every once in a month and PMS so that's why. HAHAHAHA.

So, what have i been busy up to recently? Busy adapting to my day life work, busy having a bf, to move on. busy coping with family, friends, work and social life. Well, what i can say it wasn't easy to have a balance quality time to spend with any of them. So, ya. that's what i've been busy about.

So far, okay. i've stopped nightlife. cut down on drinking a lot. Well, i wasn't really a good drinker to start with in the first place. Hahahahaha. Occasionally still drinks a glass or two lah. Then, peaceful life with everybody else.

Meeting up with gfs / friends at Kopitiam occassionally to grumble about work stuffs etc. Went to many many places with my bf. Been to USS to tae the ride, been to SEA aquarium to see fishes. So peaceful especially the big big place where you can have a seat there to view all the different fish species. And seen so many pretty jelly fishes ! Well, no photos for the time being lah. So lazy. hahahahaha.

Alright, back off to work to shake leg and act busy now. Will update soon again i hope. And hopefully with photos then. Will be heading off to Thailand on August ! Cannot wait. Should be posting up with more photos by then hopefully. this time all the girls trip only ! :D byeeee people.