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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


eh bee xi dee yee ehf gee hedge ai jay kay elle am an oh pee quee are ass tee you vee double-u axe why zeeee

are you people as bored as me that's why you all tried to read what i type above? hahahahahaha.
I'm bored at home, just done with my presentation. omg. so busy with work work work these few days as a new project is coming up so need to do lots of stuffs.

till i don't sleep well , i eat a lot and i'm just busy !

i tend to eat a lot when i'm stress. not a very good idea. need to do something bout it.

by the way, these few days, it is proven that i'm getting more and more dumb as days goes by. i don't know why. :( sigh ~ need to do something bout it too ! :O

haha, will upload the pics i took at hong kong once i'm much more free. busy now lah, no choice and the photoshoot photos i haven't get yet ! so cannot upload. haha. ^^ too bad, so sad. :p

gonna go rest my eyes a bit and then up to prepare for work again. omg, shag life i've got. work, work, work and still work. FML, seriously. :(


i grumble grumble grumble and at the end of the day, it's still the same. -.-
okay okay, don't grumble liao. bye bye ! :D

Nahhhh ~ saying goodbye with a pic of my future husband !
no lah , of course. i get this kind of husband, i will kill him first then kill myself !
don't want other girls to suffer also !

Alright, this is real goodbye already. Till then, bye bye. ^^

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hello From Hong Kong

hello people, i'm saying hello from hongkong. 
insomnia attacked while i'm at hongkong, feeling sick on my last day
guess most probably due to the cold weather i can't adapt to and the drink, drank, drunk
session and the waking up early in the morning. lol.

dark eye rings seems to be my next close friends now. haha.
need to do something bout it.

i can't sleep and i know i gotta wake up early in the morning later to check out,
maybe do some last minute of shopping and then to the airport and back to singapore.

i'm out of NYP nursing course already. sad to say, went for attachment only for a day
and my leg couldn't stand the long hours of standing. that's sad. i'm already halfway there
and i really have the passion of being a nurse. well, i guess that's not the end of the world for me right?
since everyone kept saying i'm still young, i guess there's other way out.

therefore, i decided to go into a private school and then to enroll to a part time accounting classes ba.
then at the same time, i can work full time too. :)

liquid 40 is shifting place already but has not confirmed a place yet so i better work hard in my full time job. no more playing and time to get serious.

you know, sometimes it feels so good to have new group of friends in your life,
giving you new things to laugh at, new things to share, just new things to explore.
but yet also, i miss those days with my closed ones.

maybe i'm just someone who takes a very long time to adapt changes and someone who
wants to just remains at my own comfort zone even if there's a better chance out there for me 
if i step out but i just won't. haha.
i know, that's bad. but this is just me.
accept it or fuck off. :x
haha, sounds kinda rude but this is me lah.
if you like me, you'll like.
but if you hate me... wait, do you think i like you either?
hahahahahahahaha. alright.

i "think" i somehow did promised to upload a lot of photos. about taipei trip, genting trip and many many more. awwww ~ guess i don't have the ability to do so. "MOST PROBABLY" i "think"
is also this hong kong trip and oh ya ! i went for a photoshoot.

but a not so experienced want lah. 
helped james buddy to get through his project. without getting paid of course.
also no experience. the head of my blog photo is one of the photo i took at the photoshoot.
well, some of them not very nice of course. haha. this is one of the best. :x
& i gay kiang and edit the colours furthermore. just some effects. haha.

anyway, will "TRY" to upload once i get all the photos. try ah, no promises. but most of the photos are already up at facebook. :)

wanted to make my blog a simple one, realised it has been kind of messy with so many of my own zipai shots. lol ! therefore, changed to this template. hope you guys like it and enjoy reading. trying to get to bed now. OMG. look at the time now ! *panda eye*
Goodnight ! :D