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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Belle's birthday 2014

Okay, at first Belle decided to go to East Coast Park to celebrate her birthday but I am kinda on budget this month and bf and i has no transport to go so far. We only can cab. Nearly spoil her birthday because i don't wanna go so far and spend so much. :X 

So i told her that I could wait for them to have their dinner there and when they're back to tpy then I can meet them somewhere at tpy. Because it'd be cheaper to cab to tpy than to East Coast. 

Of course she was sad because I already missed her birthday last year. They went to kbox and I also got this budget issue so I miss her birthday last year. And she got quite depress that I suggested to countdown her birthday at tpy.

So at the end, she suggested Brotzeit at Vivo City so that we could take mrt down instead. :) 

Thank you for being so considerate and understanding. And sorry once again I nearly spoil your birthday again. Though I already apologise. Heehee ~ 

Alright, so bfee & I reached there early about 7:45pm. Went to queue for our table because their reservations were fully booked. Ridiculous that place. Their coke was like double the price of normal restaurant. I already find it expensive for a coke to cost $3 outside. This place was doubled. I am not sure if they serve a can of coke / a glass of coke. Whatever it is, it cost $6. U must be kidding me. I can simply just get a coke at $1++. Lol. 

Alright, enough of ranting. So after getting a table, we sat and ordered our food and here comes the peeeeekchures. :D

Birthday girl and the bf. 

Make a wish. Because it got quite windy and this was like the 5th time we lit the candle. 


cut the cake lohhhhh. 


Went to toilet and definitely calls for some #wefie again. Hahaha. 

I trying to make my arm slimmer but i know i don't look any slimmer in this picture and it turns out awkward instead. Enough said. *roll eyes* lol. 

This one also. Hahahaha. 

Wanted to go to tpy safra to sing song after that but i guess because it was weekend and we didn't call earlier so it was all full. 

So we went to catch a movie instead. So much movie we could not watch together because some of the show we watch, some they watch before already. Hahaha. 

But well, it's been a super long time since I last watch movie with the girls already. And it's the first time all our bfs turn up. Like full force. Heehee ~ so yitan suggested a #groupfie and here it goes. :D

Call some stranger probably wanted to go to st james powerhouse to help us take this group photos. 

Yitan don't know disturbing what. Look where he's looking. Then i smile until like that lohhhh. Lol !! 

This is sooo much better. I still think the #groupfie we take ourself is better than the photo the stranger help us take. But hey, thank u anyway whoever u are. Haha. 

Thank u bfee for accompanying there although u feels bored and keep using ur phone. Know u tried and make an effort there. Love u. 

So, after the movie, "the judge" we cab back home. Went to dabao prata as we were feeling hungry. Oops ~ spent so much money eat not full. But when eating there feels quite full leh actually. Alright, that's all. Goodnight. 

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