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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This year is wedding after weddings. Goodness. I have 3 more weddings to attend on December. But could only attend to 2 due to two of them are on the same date. :( 

Below are photos of my family side wedding. Ah boong uncle. 

This is my cuzzies and my elder sister. :D

My cousin's wife. 

Cousin's son. 

My mummy. 

Ah yi. 

"Xuay ghim" (small aunt) 

Ah hui ah yi

My grandpa. 

My grandma

Lao gou. (Not sure what it's called in english. But she's my grand pa's younger sister)

Lao dioh (not sure what is it call in english too. Grandpa's younger sister's husband)

Dua ghim (big aunt)

Dua gu (big uncle)

Di gu (second uncle)

Aliboon (called him that since we were young. Hahahaha)

Xuay gu (small uncle)

Cousin's daughter and son. So shy. So cute. 

Finally one with her that she's smiling. Such a sweetie pie this girl. 

Alright. That marks the end of my family's wedding dinner. Now let's move on to grace's hens night. :)))

Because we were late for our reservation at timbre, we got this lousy place where we are such a big group and we cannot even gossip or take a proper selfie. Their service sucks. Guess it's cause there's a lot of crowd. 

Then we cannot take it anymore and move on to another french or italy bistro beside timbre. Just for desserts and gossip. 

And after that, we head over to the hotel we book for grace's hens night. 

Wefie in the lift. Lol. 

After some bluffing that there's a hunk in the room waiting for her etc. haha. We unload our loots and freshen up a bit and head over to zouk. 

We start our games and drinks thereafter. 

Those toxics inside our stomach. 

Polaroids polaroids & polaroids ~~

belle & i

Yifeng & i

Grace (the beautiful bride to be) & i

Alicia & i

That's the end of grace's hens night. 

Then the following week was to prepare for grace's big day already. ^^

went to ntuc to buy the gate crash ingredients. 

Trying out to tie the hairstyle that we gonna tie for each other the night before. 

Awaiting for the brothers yo. 

This lift is so cool. Reserved for VIP. haha. 

And this was after the church wedding. Our buffet. 

Congrats to u Grace. Amazing feeling that friends of more than a decade is married. Used to hang around, talking about bfs, playing around and now all is talking about future. Time flies !! 

At the hotel resting, freshen up and recharge for the battle later on. 

At the reception table. Eat snake wefie while working hard. Hahaha. 

Bfee came after that. Thank u bb !! :D

So long never see each other already man. Definitely calls for some photo taking session. 

Always feel so bless and fortunate after attending wedding dinner together. 

First time being sister for someone's wedding and it is soooo tiring goodness. But it is all so worthwhile when u see everything is as plan and nothing cocks up and everything is on time. 

Alright. Move on to the next, Trick Eye Museum. 

Went to the Alive Museum before and i think Alive Museum is better than this Trick Eye Museum. 

Went for a short smoke break just outside for awhile.

Boyfee is amazed by his OnePlusOne camera and was there exploring and self amaze by his camera while i use my Digital cam and camwhore. Haha. 

Saw my umbrella i bought from Taiwan that has this "hoswa" label. "Hoswa" actually means umbrella in hokkien. Lol. Damn funny. Now then i realise. 

Went to this slappycakes @ RWS for some innovative that u can make ur own pancake at ur table. It was fun though. :D

Ahhhh, it can be so filling too. Omg. 

Bb made that smiley face pancake so cute. 

And this is it. Had a busy and fulfilling month so far for October. Next will be Belle's birthday !! Till then. :) 

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